Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Websites, Front Page and All That Jazz

Today, we have to get some webpages created! To do this we are going to use Microsoft Office Front Page.
The very first thing you have to do after opening FrontPage is to click on 'File' and then 'open site'. Create a new folder under 'kat's classes' and your class number. Once you've done that, follow Kamil's instuctions below to create your frames. We will have to decide on colours and themes as a class!

How to create framed html page
1. Create 3 html files by clicking on the 'new file' icon in the top left corner. Save them in your own folder, with exactly the following names:
index.html (controls all your frameset)
frame-left.html (on the left of your screen, that's where your menu is going to be)
frame-right.html (on the right, that's where your main content is going to be)
3. Open index.htm. Add the html code that Kat shows you right below the head tag :

4. Make sure you are in the 'frame-right' page, then click on the 'design' tab at the bottom of the screen and create your webpage!
Our blog

Other things to do today:
  • Continue working on your part of the project - create a webpage for it!
  • Write a blog post about anything you like - the weekend? Classes?
  • Have a look at the wordgames on http://www.problemsite.com/ - they're quite good!

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