Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Finish the Project & Internet Jargon

Hi Guys,
Today we want to finish all our Front Page files and save them to the same place so that it is easy to upload them. If you have finished that, you can work on the internet acronyms sheet I'll give you. Start by trying to understand the conversation below! Use this site to help you. When you think you know them all, try to as many as you can in a blog post (you can do it like a letter or email if you like).
Of course, if you have time, you should write another blog post - there are some questions from yesterday (scroll down to look) to help you, or you can write about anything that you want to.

Internet conversation:
Ann: Hi ppl!
Bee: WB, ann. How RU?
Ann: Fine. BTW, howz things with your bf?
Bee: 2gether 4eva!
Ann: hey, wanna see a film l8r?
Bee: Can’t 2day. Tmrw?
Ann: Sure. Shrek3? Fred saw it, said he was ROFL!
Bee: ok, but IMO, spiderman will b more fun. KWIM?
Ann: brb
Bee: ok
Ann: b. Sorry. POS.
Bee: NP. I gtg anyway.
Ann: ok cul8tr!
Bee: hand.


Fabian, Alberto & Julius said...

lol u 7no l33t spix k? Lol rofl ma boxz0r. Qu33nsw0od = kkthxbye cs3 itz b0r7ng kk? omgzor letz g0 cya

Fabian, Alberto & Julius said...