Friday, 20 July 2007

Internet & Chat Acronyms in English

A: Hi ppl!
B: WB How RU?
A: Fine. BTW, howz things with your bf?
B: 2gether 4eva!
A: hey, wanna see a film l8r?
B: Can’t 2day. Tmrw?
A: Sure. Shrek3? Fred saw it, said ROFL!
B: ok, but IMO, spiderman will b more fun. KWIM?
A: brb
B: ok
A: b. Sorry. Phone
B: NP. I gtg anyway.
A: ok cul8tr!
B: hand.

Any idea what the conversation above is about? Can you translate it into 'normal' english? This dictionary site should help you. You should also ask Kat or Kamil for the puzzle page of frequently used acronyms. When you think you know them all, try to use as many as you can in an email (or blogpost), and then post it on your blog. Remember to show it to your teachers!

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