Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Project Overview

Hi Guys,

Time to get started on some projects! At the end of this course each student will have a blog (set up with comments enabled, a visitor counter and link list, and with photos or video on it, and a completed profile) as well as a copy of their class dictionary. Apart from that, you also have to choose to do a few of the following things:

You also need to decide on the content of your project. In class time you will be doing a lot of the planning and correcting of your projects, while in the computer room you will have time to do the technical side of things. Here are some ideas for what to write about:

  • Excursion-related topics
  • Countries, nationalities, food, travel, culture etc.
  • People and Biographies - famous people or Lines people - staff, students, anyone!
  • Current affairs - news and politics
  • Queenswood News & Gossip
  • Daily Life at Lines (Activities, Classes, food, houses, discos, anything!)
  • Short stores, film or book reviews, horror stories etc.

And of course, if you write or research anything for any of your other classes or workshops, you can use it as the content of your projects here!

We might add more options to this as we think of them. If there is anything else you would like to do that we haven't thought of, let us know.

Have a look at the side bar to the left of this post. There are a list of links to blogposts we have written that tell you how to do things. If you are not sure how to do something, have a look there first, and try to work it out yourself. If you have trouble, ask a friend or your teacher.


monikatys said...

How much do you gys work!!!!!!!!
but after two weeks HHHHOOOOLLLLIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYYSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

monikatys said...

who said computers were easy?????????????