Friday, 13 July 2007

The End of Week One!

1. Have you survived the first week? Have you been good? Have you spoken English all the time? Have you made some new friends? Tell us about them! Today's blog posts should look back over the week and talk about what you have learnt here in all your classes - and outside the classroom too. Everyone should write their OWN post today! If you have photos, we can also upload them to your blog, and we'll look at google photo manager as well - it's a good place to store and share your photos, and it uses the same username and password as your blogger account.
2. While we're looking at photos, let's upload a profile picture of the people in your group as well. I have my camera here if you need me to take one for you.
3. We also want every blog to have a sitemeter put on it today - go to this website and sign up for the Free Basic sitemeter. Make sure you use an email adress you can check here and now. Next go to 'manager' on the sitemeter site and find the instructions for making your sitemeter visible on your blog.
4. Finally, we are going to do something with a different program. With one or two people from your group, use Word to create and print an advertisement for your blog that we can put up outside the dining hall. You need to put on some photos or pictures, your names, and the name and url of your blog, so that people know where to find it. Make it as colourful and interesting as possible to show me how much you know about word and also so that people want to come to your blog! Lets see who gets the most hits on their sitemeter!

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