Wednesday, 11 July 2007

More blogging, and project ideas!

Hi Guys!
Today, we want to finish setting up our blogs and then start thinking about what sort of major project we want to do in this course.

But first, (that means now!) I'd like you to write an individual post. Workshops started yesterday - what have you chosen to do? Why did you choose that? What do you think so far? What do you want to learn in the workshop time?
Also, some of you went on an excursion last night. How was it? What happened? Did you have fun?
As you write this, think about using different fonts or colours, if you haven't done it already. Also, remember to Spell Check your post before you publish it!

Next, we want to personalise our blogs. This means going to your Dashboard, and changing the template. You can do this in HTML, or do it the easy way! Ask me if you need help. The main thing I would like you to do is add links to the other blogs in your class, including this one. You can also add links to anything else you find interesting online. Once you have the links, use them to look at the other blogs, and leave a comment on anything you find interesting!

Finally, we want to think about our class project. This can be a newspaper, magazine or website. We can also do powerpoint presentations or anything else you would like to include, but there should be a common theme, which we will have to discuss as a class. You also need to start thinking in your groups about what you will contribute. Would you like to write a gossip column? News articles? Interviews with other students? Reviews of Films, excursions, or even the food? You could also include short stories or anything that you write for your other classes, if you like.

Lots to do today, so let's get started!

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